International Breweries PLC


International Breweries Plc was incorporated in December 1971 under the name International Breweries Limited. The Company commenced production of its flagship product Trophy Lager in December 1978 with an installed capacity of 200,000 hectoliters per annum.


In December 1982, the Company embarked on an expansion programme. The company was listed on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in April 1995.


In January 2012 SABMiller entered into a strategic alliance with the Castel group who were majority shareholders at the time. In 2016, AB Inbev acquired SABMiller worldwide and by extension, their stakes in Africa. AB Inbev’s majority shareholding in Intafact Beverages Limited and Pabod Breweries Limited (companies with similar objectives) were merged into International Breweries Plc through a scheme of merger sanctioned by the Court and Regulatory authorities in order to provide for the optimization of efficiencies, leverage on economies of scale and shareholder value creation amongst others. 

This increased our production facilities to 4 breweries: In Osun State - Ilesa, Anambra State - Onitsha, Rivers State - Port Harcourt and recently Gateway brewery in Ogun State. 

The corporate headquarters of the Company is located in Lagos. Starting with just two brands, Trophy Lager and Beta malt, our brand offering now includes Budweiser, Hero Lager, Castle lite, Grandmalt, Eagler Lager and Eagle Stout.